Maxi Classic Chanel Gray or Maxi Classic Chanel Silver?

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  1. I am going to buy my first Chanel bag and I don't want to buy a black one. I am contemplating with gray or silver both lambskin in maxi. Please help me choose. :biggrin:


  2. i would go for the grey. silver is nice but is very prone to scratches unless you are considering a med. i have seen a silver in med with scratches and it pains me. if you are considering the 10A grey in lambskin, the color is gorgeous and the chain is in ruthenium hw which is very nice.
  3. Def. grey, it' more versatile and easier to match. I find silver is too blingy.
  4. I have both the grey patent jumbo and silver lambskin jumbo. If you are looking for an everyday bag, def go with the patent grey. The silver is AMAZING, and actually quite resilient to scratching (it has some sort of coating on the lambskin), but it is not an everyday bag.
  5. I don't think you can go wrong with either- but I think patent has a slight edge for everyday use! Good luck in deciding
  6. I love the current silver lambskin, but have yet to see one without scratches. So I'll go with patent grey.
  7. My vote goes to the Patent Grey! It's truly a beautiful grey and a great neutral! The silver is pretty with lots of FLASH...very trendy...can be limiting in the long run.
  8. Grey lamb over silver... I think the silver is too formal.. U'll get more use of the grey ;)

    p.s. it's a grey patent in the pic but I think u said lamb right?
  9. grey patent for sure ;)
  10. Grey Patent! I love the color.
  11. grey patent!
  12. Grey patent for an everyday bag and Silver for special occasion :biggrin:
  13. Grey. It is easy to match!
  14. I :heart: the grey!
    Silver is nice but you might be limited when matching clothes... :Push:
  15. I vote for the grey patent!