MAXI caviar flaps (black, navy, red) @ SAKS NYC

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  1. SAKS NYC Chanel just got them in. Call NDO if you'd like to order one!

    Oh, and they are also now available at Saks BALA CYNWYD (Philly).....DAMIAN there is fabulous!
  2. When you say Red do you mean Red Lambskin? I thought Fuchsia caviar was part of Act II.
  3. Hi Mon, oh I should've gotten a clarification, I *think* it's probably the fuschia caviar which looks more red than fuschia. NDO just called me very early this morning saying that "the black, blue, red caviar Maxi's arrived" and my mind wasn't anywhere near Chanel-land at that time. I'll try stopping by the store today to take a look and report back.
  4. No worries. I just didn't think fuchsia caviar was going to be available until Act II.
  5. May I know how much is Maxi Black caviar flap? Thanks.
  6. RED?! OH MY... this may not be good news for my wallet... thanks for posting!
  7. I also got a call from Ndo and he said he has the red and black lambskin maxi. As for maxi caviar, he has it in black.
  8. i went by the soho boutique today to see if they had the act II fuschia maxi. they don't but they're taking down names for the reserve list. the soho boutique is getting 16 in total, and i was #10 by this afternoon. SA says it's coming soon, it's bright red (in their book, they'd crossed out 'fuschia' and written 'red' in its place!) and the price was $2650. she said it was only coming out in the small and maxi size.
  9. May I know if Saks ship internationally? Recently one of the Saks' SA told me they don't ship internationally, but I've ordered from Saks before and they did ship. Does anyone know their shipping policy now? Thanks!

  10. Some stores say only the NY branch can ship? But I ordered shoes from Chicago and Boca Raton, FL before and there was no problem, however the international shipping price did increase and its alot more expensive to ship now. I paid $70 for shipping a pair of shoes recently. By the way, there is alot more paperwork to be done with international shipping so I'm guessing some SAs just prefer not to do it? Look up the SA thread and you'll get some names that you can try talking to.
  11. i have no idea; i went to the chanel boutique, not saks.

  12. Can I ask does the "small" size refer to jumbo, medium/large, or mini?
  13. medium
  14. who is ndo?
  15. yea i was just about to ask the same quesiton. who is NDO? is that his initials?