Maxfield's Window Display: What Do You Think ? Is This In Poor Taste ?

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    Maxfield’s new window display in L.A depicts the phrase “who’s your daddy?” and contains three mannequins each with the face of one of the three men (Larry Birkhead, Howard K. Stern and Prince von Anhalt) claiming to be the father of the baby of the late Anna Nicole Smith.

    I mean there is still an innocent baby involved here.
  2. That is sick, IMO.
  3. Tasteless.
  4. ^^^ i agree with all of the above...
  5. Totally classless. I absolutely think it's in poor taste.
  6. in poor taste? probably. funny? yes.

    And obviously doing it's job if you're talking about it so it's all whatever.
  7. ^^Yup, I agree with sammydoll :biggrin:
  8. I find it odd how no one claims to be offended by photo shoots where the models appear to be dead or about to be gang-raped, but take offense to this situation.

    No, it isn't funny that Anna Nicole is dead or that her baby doesn't have a mother. But this window seems to poke fun at the men, not at Anna Nicole or at the baby.
  9. I laughed out loud when i saw this. Sorry, I've been know to have a sick sense of humor. :shrugs:
  10. It is ironic.........................funny and sad.
  11. I can't believe Maxfield's would resort to such a pathetic attempt for publicity.
  12. That is horrible!
  13. Which store(s) has those displays?
  14. I agree
  15. HubbaWubba, I was referring to the photo shoot on ANTM and the D&G ads. They weren't store windows, but I find them comparable.