Maxfield Stock

  1. I went to Maxfield LA after missing a meeting with a PFer due to food poisoning (Don't be a dummy like me. Avoid spinach like the plague!!)

    I don't have photographic memory but this is what I remember:

    Shrug-Greige, Olive

    Afternoon-I think Camel, it has orange tones
    Messenger for Men- in some tan shades
    Men's Weekender-Truffle
    Emerald Work and mini Classique
    White-Work, some kind of backpack looking bag
    Courier-Truffle, Rouille, Ink,
    Cornflower First
    Padded-Black, not sure what size. Only one left
    Whistle bag-I love this. I can't remember the colors even though I kept playing with it.

    There was an entire wall of B-bags on shelves and a Men's rack with them but I cannot remember them all.

    I also forgot my SA's name...I'm terrible...He had dark hair, was tanned, and had an accent.
  2. Thanks for the update- isn't it overwhelming to remember everything? LOL Anyway, do you remember how the leather on the emerald work was? I just got an emerald courier and I love this color and the leather is amazing!!! I know the leather varies so if you remember please let me know!!! Thanks!
  3. The leather was like all the other 06 bags I've ever seen. It's not as soft or thick as an 05 bag. It's a very rich color though. The store also has dim lighting (Part of their decor) so it is hard to tell.
  4. I was there today. They had many bags out. I was tempted to write them down, but I thought that would look a little nuts:P

    While I was feeling all the merchandise, an much older lady said "uggh, those bags are so last year...".

    I was really tempted to let her have! How rude!:censor: Thinking back, I probably should have said something, but she was much older, and that whole "elder" thing stopped me.

    Anyway, one thing I found very annoying was that they don't have the Bal color names on the tags, they just make up there own. So they have stuff like "red" , "green", ...

    That's awful. For a newbie, recognizing these colors is hard enough! The SA's aren't very knowledgeable about the line's specifics either. least they have bags. No bright colors, all fall colors

    I believe I saw:

    One really large(like weekender size?)and one small crocodile bag
    Lots of greige and grey in a variety of sizes
    Several white bags in first, city, and weekend.
    Grenet mini bowling
    A remarkable shoe bag in a brown color...the leather was so striking, distressed but not thin or papery.
    Oh, and a large ink bag, I think a shopping? Not sure.

    I wish I was more well versed t give a better report. I'll do better next time. They had at least 15-20 bags on the floor.
  5. An Ink Shopping? thats one I want! oh no.... where is this store and do they ship?...saw a pic of someones shoe bag...too cute to use for shoes of course, what do you guys use it for?
  6. Now don't make me nervous.:sweatdrop: I'm guessing it was shopping because it was was big, but it wasn't a weekender. I don't think it was a purse either. They called the color "navy" I think, but it wasn't blueberry ( I know that color well), and it was a dark purplish blue. It couldn't be navy form 05, so it must have been ink.

    I was the only one I saw on the second shelf. Maxfield is in Los Angeles. The number is on the Bal Store list. I hope I'm right, remember they have the bag names right, but not the colors.
  7. Liz, is the whistle bag the small almost triangular shape wristlet one? If not, do you know what that style is called? I saw a red one at NM in King of Prussia tonight. So cute, but I wanted a greige or another color.
  8. Donna- They do ship, I believe it was about $12-$17. I asked last time.

    ReiRei-The whistle bag looks likes the mirror bag but with a whistle on it and looks very box like. I'm not sure which one you saw, sorry.

    Yeah, the SAs there do not know much about B-bags, but the one who was helping me was super nice.
  9. I went to review INK again, it was definitely INK. A large bag. Maybe it was the courier that lizlikeshugs saw?

    Can't be sure.
  10. Okay, now I know what the whistle bag is. There was one on ebay (authentic?) for $499. I'm trying to search on what that wristlet style is. The SA at NM didn't know much about B-bags either.
  11. The shoe bag is so perfect, I use it everyday - I put it in my bags (city, old style hobo, weekender) and put my checkbook/credit cards/coin purse/and makeup bag inside it. It's wonderful because then everything is all in one place, and I don't have to go digging to find anything. It really is perfect (...oh and why the leather on the one that you saw looked amazing is because it is the old leather, they discontinued these bags I believe after the s/s '05 season! ;))
  12. That bag was beautiful! It was a brown color, and cute as hell! It made quite an impression. Someone should get it.:drool:

    I didn't see any ghost bags, but I would love to see one IRL. There aren't too many of those around? Off to search forum...
  13. LOVE the Ghost and the Shoe Bag! Do they still make the Ghost?
  14. I love the Ghost shouldn't have shown me the I want more Balenciaga! hee, hee...Liz,you're right. I saw the Aulmoniere.

    I just got my magenta Purse that I bought from ebay. Yeay! I'm loving and hugging her now. :yahoo: