Maxene Boots

  1. For anyone interested: I saw the Maxene's in Clay and Whiskey at the Coach store in the Mall at Short Hills in NJ. The sizes were marked on the boot. I just remember them having some size 5's and 8's. They may have had other sizes, but I don't remember. I like them, but I don't think I'd wear them because of the heel. They were also on sale for $250 I think. I have been searching for the Weslyn's and found these instead. I hope this helps someone.
  2. Thanks for posting this! I have the Maxene's in clay and love them! However, my next mission is to find the Weslyns..i'm sure it will have to be on eBay, but I must have these boots!
  3. chelle232, thank you! I :heart: those boots but as I'm from Germany it's hard to find them.. are you sure that they're sold for about $250? That would be a real bargain! :yahoo:

    Do you know if they've an e-mail address? I'd like to ask them if they have got the boots in clay and size 8 available yet.. and if they would ship to Germany.

    Thanks again!
  4. Yes, they're marked down to $249. I got clay in a size 8 at Short Hills about a week ago. I also got the Whiskey ones on the last day of PCE for $187. What a bargain. I love them both.
  5. Oh wow, that sounds great, thank you!

    I should call them!

    By the way: Do you know if they ship?
  6. Just called them: Sold out :crybaby: