Max and Chloe??

  1. Hi--

    Not sure where exactly to post this, but .... Are they legit?? I placed an order over 3 weeks ago which has not yet shipped, no one answers the phones, and I have received no response to multiple emails. My CC has been charged.

    I am a bit crabby about this as it was a birthday gift for someone, and now I would just like to cancel the order, but I can't reach ANYONE.

    Has anyone else had good or bad experiences, or any experiences with these folks??

  2. They look legit because they have a physical address in NY. I'd call them one more time and say if they don't get back to you in 24 hours, you're doing a chargeback on your credit card because you haven't received your item. If you really want to get them to move fast suggest that you're going to file a complaint online with the Better Business Bureau.