Max and Chloe codes?

  1. Does anyone have a discount code for Max and Chloe? I've never purchased anything from this online retailer, but they seem to have a lot of neat things. Thanks.
  2. They do. :yes: The code is "toutie20". What exactly are you looking for b/c sometimes their prices are a little higher than other online boutiques?
  3. I was looking at a black Goldenbleu Jordan bag. I've been looking at this bag for awhile.
  4. Thanks hannahbananab! Do you know if there are any discount codes for that online retailer?
  5. hmmm... no, I don't know of any codes, but maybe someone else will post. BTW, that is a really cute bag! You might check on ****** to see if they offer cash back for Sway and Cake...