Mave Foldover Bag

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  1. Does anyone own the electric blue mave foldover bag? Pics if you have any would be great :smile: Its prolly alittle late but I just discovered it and absolutely love it. Its not available on Jimmy Choo's website though. Looks like net-a-porter carries it---but I have never bought anything from there before?

    What type of leather is it? It looks like there is a suede patch down the middle?!?! How does it compare in size with its bigger counterpart (the black one)?
  2. You've got great taste! I love the Mave too but unfortunately don't own one...yet. It's much easier to handle than the Marin (which is HUGE!). The only worry is the electric blue suede color transfer. I have the Unite wallet in electric blue and the color transfer is terrible. I woudl suggest ordering from Netaporter. They have fantastic customer service, the fastest shipping ever, and they immediately credit your card for the return, usually around 2-3 days.
  3. I had to look it up because I wasn't familiar with it. Here are some pictures...


    I don't know anything about the clutch, but Net-A-Porter is a very reputable e-tailer.
  4. Thanks for everyone's input---I went ahead and bought it from Jimmy Choo in Atlanta---hopefully will get it in a few days and share more pics with everyone....can't wait!!!:yahoo:
  5. Its stunning!
    I can't wait to see your pics - congrats!