Mauve and lavender rare colors?

  1. Hi, i am new to this and am simply amazed at everyones collections!!
    I only have a Tyler in pink (looks more salmon oak) and roxanne wallet.
    I have just bought a Mulberry Roxanne wallet in lavender and am wondering why all colors vary so much on different styles!
    Also been looking at a mauve emmy wallet on eBay, any ideas on authenticity?
    No one talks about the Tylers.. Not popular?
  2. I asked this question in the outlet store they had a rosemary and a blenheim both tagged as lavender but clearly different shades of pink. the assistant told me it depends on the leather grain texture etc and how well the leather takes to the dye making every bag truly unique
  3. Which one is the Tyler - do you have a pic?
    Bayley is right - the colours on the pinks (lavender) seem to differ depending on the dye.
    I've a Martha that Mulberry would call lavender and I would call pink & mine is a more washed out colour than others I've seen.
  4. i do have a pic of the tyler! i fell in love with it, curious as there are no posts about it! what mulberries do you have? x
    tyler.jpg Roxanne.jpg
  5. Gosh your Roxanne wallet is a completely different shade to my Lavender Rosemary! They ought to be the same type of leather so I wouldn't have expected the colour to differ so much.

    Loving the Tyler!
  6. Just love the fact that Mulberries Mauve and Lavender bags are both PINK!!

    I always thought that they were purple ??
  7. It's mad isn't it, "mauve" and "lavender" would suggest a blue toned pink rather than a red toned pink!
  8. Jade - I am also loving the Tyler. What a great looking bag!!!
  9. i know, i got the roxanne purse from eBay, and it comes up a completely diffenrent shade in pictures but i would not describe it lavender at all! more like a red toned pink.
    Thanks for the complaments on Tyler! x
  10. Thanks for the Tyler pic. I have seen it actually - I saw a green one at Shepton Mallet. It's a really nice sized bag.
  11. The purse looks genuine and if a receipt is being provided then it must be. You can also ring the outlets and ask them if they do an Emmy in that colour
  12. Hi Jade. I have a tyler in oak and really love it. Day to day I tend to use my bigger bags, but this is a great one for when I don't need too much with me.

    Very strange about the colour differences with the lavender. I guess this is one colour that you'd really want to see in the flesh before buying, to be sure about what you're getting?