Mautto is having a clearance sale with additional 30% while supplies last!

Nov 29, 2016
I just bought two straps from Mautto. If is my first time using them. I bought a 50 inch, two-toned leather strap for a Tod's bauletto and an adjustable shoulder strap for an old Samsonite carryon for $32 with tax included. The 50 inch leather strap was clearance and 70% off PLUS I used the code "clearance" to get an additional 30% off, so instead of paying about $65 for the strap (which is a fine price), I paid about $15.

I am tempted to buy more straps, but I'd have to guess future needs and that's just silly.

Need a replacement strap? Or something fun and different? Check it out before they sell out. Pickings are a little slim, but the prices are incredible!

Have fun!