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  1. in Maui at the end of May, beginning of June?

    We are thinking of planning a trip for both DH and my 40th Birthdays and DD 21st Birthday AND our wedding Anniversary which is ON DH Birthday - LOL!!!
    All that calls for a trip, don't you think? ;)

    ANYWAY, we were thinking of going the last week of May, is this rainy season? I always seem to pick rainy season wherever I go! Thanks everyone!!!
  2. should be bright and sunny :smile: there might be a stray storm that happens throughout the year. but i would expect sun and heat lol.
  3. I second that.. we're headed into the summer season by then, and it's usually hot and sunny. Where on Maui are you planning on staying? That might make a little bit of difference...but then, unless we've got a big storm system that's statewide, you could drive 10min away & find the sun again. LOL Island living....
  4. I would think so, time to celebrate! Can't help you out with the weather, but I would make it two weeks if I were you, you need loads of time to celebrate! :lol: Aloha!
  5. Thank you all so much!!

    I so WISH we could stay 2 weeks!! Gotta get back to work tho - Blech! LOL!!!

    We are thinking of staying at the Sheraton Maui Kaanapali Beach .... do you think it matters much if we get an Ocean View or Garden View room?
  6. I'm assuming you won't spend much time in your hotel room, so I don't think it would really matter. Although the ocean view can be nice in the mornings and evenings.
  7. That's what I was thinking ... DH wanted Ocean View but it is $600 more, not sure if it is really worth it myself ... I'll have to tell him the price and see what he thinks
  8. Oh, any Hotel suggestions? What do you think of the Sheraton?
    Not really interested in ones where there are tons of small children :shame:
  9. I am not from Hawaii but I go to Maui twice a yr with my fam....we usually stay at the Hyatt which is next to the Sheraton. I know the Hyatt has two pools on for adults and one for kids so during the day I never see them, lol. Sheraton is nice because they have a nicer beach than the hyatt. They also have alot of stuff going on there like sunset cruises depart from there and stuff. And of course its closer to whalers village
  10. Twice a year? LUCKY YOU!!! :tup:

    Thanks for the info on the hotels also! I have been looking online all day and the Sheraton seems pretty nice so I think if we end up going I will probably stick with that one :smile:
    I better hurry up and book tho the flights are almost full already, can you believe that??
  11. I'm a sucker for the ocean views, especially if you have a high floor. It makes the experience so much nicer for me. We end up spending lots of time on our balcony w/drinks, so the extra $ is worth it.

    Instead of booking the room now, maybe you can ask if they have any special rates for them when you arrive? Sometimes they're cheaper to upgrade if they are slow that week.
  12. Can't help you with the weather, but I'm thinking: Lucky you!!:beach:
  13. i love it
    warm all around
    i never wore a sweater
    except in my freezing hotel room without a switch
  14. It's official - DH and I are going to Maui in May! :yahoo:

    Last fall we went to Hawaii for the very first time. We stayed on Kauai and Oahu. It was so fantastic that we are itching to get back. This time we are hitting up Maui. We are planning on staying at the Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas North. Has anyone stayed there? Any suggestions for things to do on Maui (besides vegging out poolside with a drink in one hand and a good book in the other :P)?
  15. there are some great sights all over the island like haleakala and hana. i know there are some activities like those zip line things and snorkeling.

    hmm the shops at wailea is great for your designer fix with LV, gucci, bottega, fendi, and tiffanys.