Maui LV

  1. I just thought I'd share my LV experience here in Maui. I stopped by both the Wailea and Lahaina stores and at both stores the SAs were very helpful and courteous. I probably spent about 45 minutes at both stores checking out different things.
    I first fell in love with the epi bowling montaigne pm in ivory and somehow ended up with the epi speedy 25 in ivory. After taking it back to the hotel room and attempting to take out the piece of cardboard my SA stuck in there, I decided that I should go back and exchange it for the bowling montaigne. I'll be heading there this morning to make that exchange. I hope it's still there.
    I was pleasantly surprised to see that prices were lower than CA (i was told that it was 4-12% less) plus the tax is a little more than 4%. My SA also informed me that I can now order from the store directly as I am in their system, they won't charge tax and shipping is about $30. I think I'll be doing that from now on. :smile:
    I'll post pictures when I get back home.
  2. :yahoo: Yeah! Congrats! Can't wait to see ur pix^^ Lucky you now that ur IN HI's system, so the next time a Jap&HI only LE comes, you can put urself on wait list!
  3. Oooh best of luck to you in finding it when you get there :smile:
    can't wait for the pictures!!
  4. Classic Chic - I know. I'm bummed I don't have a Sophie.
    Cat - Thanks. There's a pretty good chance it's still there. It's right next door to my hotel. I'll be there when they open.
  5. congrats! i'm glad you enjoyed maui's LV. sometimes designer boutique SAs can be too nice lol.
  6. next time i am in hawaii, I will buy something for sure to get my name in their system. I had to have someone else buy an item for me since I was not in their system. I just figured since Hawaii is part of the US, that their system wouldbconnection to the mainland. I go to hawaii about once a year and usually don't do high end shopping their or hardly any shopping at all, because then I have to pack whatever I buy in my luggage. but I will for sure on my next visit be heading to LV.
  7. LVobsessed- do what I do when traveling. I take "throw away' clothing so I can leave them behind & then put my purchases in my luggage.
  8. glad you had a good experience. hope you can get the montaigne it's so pretty!
  9. Early congrats on the bag- it will be waiting for you in the morning
  10. Great to hear! I will be there in 6 weeks and am trying to decide what to buy!
  11. Congrats on your purchase! I also bought at Lahaina, which is how I got the Sophie! :yes:
  12. Joie- Lahaina is my store! :nuts: Who'd you work with? Amparo? Chona? Lucy?
  13. Congrats! Can't wait to see it!
  14. i`m from maui! the SA my mom always goes to is thy(ti). It's always an enjoyable experience in Wailea.
  15. OOh Jo. You lucky Dawg. Can't wait to see pics. When yall coming back? Hope you'll be here for Keala's b-day on the 24th.