Maui LV - your favorite store, and SA?

  1. I'll be heading to Maui next month for 11 glorious days!!! Anyways, I plan on purchasing my Damier Keepall 50 while I'm there. I went to the Kaanapali store last year and ended up not buying anything due to rude SA. So my question is, should I just buy it on elux before I go and save on tax, or buy it in Maui and get the lower Hawaii price (whats the tax there?) And if I buy in Maui, which store, and any fav SA's???
  2. out of the two stores on the island i prefer the boutique at the shops at wailea. to me they have a much better selection of items than whaler's village. however it is a bit of a drive if you are staying in the lahaina/kaanapali area.

    the tax is 4.16%

    i personally don't shop there since my SA is at the ala moana boutique on oahu and i get much better service there.
  3. Thanks Caley - we are driving one day to Wailea, so maybe I can make my purchase while I'm there. My experience at Whalers was my first boutique experience, and was not a positive one.
  4. no problem! i'm sorry i can't give you any SA names since the one i dealt with left me very disappointed. however, there was a middle aged japanese male SA who was really pleasant and answered all my questions. he is probably a good SA to work with.