Maui Fever

  1. Anyone else seen this most remarkable gem of a show? Like the Hills, It's one of those cutting edge reality shows where an unspecified amount of the reality is sort of, well, let's say "sculpted." Maybe "tweaked."

    But if the characters on the Hills are just too deep and complex for your tastes, the show itself just too dark and gritty, then you will love Maui Fever!

    Indistinguishable, incomprehensible blondes! No pesky jobs or school to interfere with party-going! Boys who regularly refer to girls as "hotties!"

    Only one character has any a job - he's a waiter at a restaurant, but his real function is to call his friends whenever visiting tourist "hotties" appear, so the friends can come and persuade the girls to take surfing lessons, followed by a party and "hooking up" before ending their Maui visit and returning home.

    The girls spend their days sunning themselves on the beach - wearing skimpy bikinis, of course, and their evenings - you guessed it - attending parties and "hooking up."

    The token non-blonde girl is a pokey old thing who spends her time cooking and trying to put an end to her boyfriend's fun life of parties and hooking up.

    All the characters are apparently able to tell each other apart and understand what each other is saying, that's why I call the show remarkable.

    I've set my TV to record every glorious episode!
  2. LOL Shimma Puff!!! Your description is hysterical! I haven't seen the show, but umm, it sounds pretty typical for MtV reality...
  3. On the second episode of this ground-breaking show about Hawaiian reality, all the characters explode with depth as Jesse receives a call from a girl who hooked up with him when she visited Maui. Now she tells him she's moving to Maui, and Sean is gobsmacked! Such a development could put a wrinkle in his blissful life of surfing, partying, and hooking up with hotties.

    His friend Corbin (who we would probably consider a really good comic actor if this were not a reality show), comforts him by pointing out that she is not there yet and if they are smart, they will all still enjoy blissful lives of surfing, partying, and hooking up with hotties when they are 40 years old. In the meantime, Corbin feels that the best plan will be a "richter," which apparently means obtaining a boat and filling it with hotties, who will be invited to a party later that night, so that everyone can hook up.

    Meanwhile, Chaunte and her identical roomate Anna discuss Chaunte's relationship with Anthony, which Chaunte characterizes as not exactly not together, but not really together, though they are hooking up. Chaunte wants Anna to go with her to a party "up country," a term which I understood to mean "not on the beach," but Anna doesn't want to go. She says that she and Chaunte will be the only girls there, and she does not want to drive 45 minutes just to sit somewhere. Chaunte declares that she so totally hates Anna. Then the girls express their love and wish each other safety in their various activities. Anna's activity will consist on sitting on her bed looking at magazines.

    Maybe the cameras agree with Anna, since we are not taken up country, but the next morning, Chaunte complains that Sean, who had invited her to the up country party, kept trying to hook up with her, and if he didn't stop, she was going to tell Anthony. At the next party, she feels that Sean has not stopped, and she tells Anthony, and the three of them yell at each other for a while until apologies are exchanged.

    I don't think people appreciate this show enough. It has truly raised the bar for utter mindlessness in television programming. These characters have got to be the most brainless individuals on the planet. If you have not yet become a fan of this spectacular breakthrough in small-screen entertainment, you are really missing out!
  4. [​IMG]

    Tonight's episode was really action-packed! Once you read about this episode, you will just HAVE to start watching this show. That is, if you can take the raw drama, if the intellectual effetism is not too much for you, if you can handle substance - and real REALITY!

    Chaunte and Anna take a break from sunbathing to get pedicures. Chaunte explains to Anna that Anthony is not her boyfriend, even though he spends every night at their house. Anna complains that even though she is Chaunte's identical best friend, she does not see her as much as Anthony does. Chaunte tells Anna that she might need a facial, maybe a nose job, but agrees to take the nose job part back when Anna points out that it was a mean thing to say.

    Cheyne and Anthony chat. Anthony says he thinks he has his relationship with Chaunte under control now. Cheyne tells him that is how it should be, with Anthony in control. He advises Anthony to always be good to the one you are with, but have another one on the line. He reassures Anthony that if things do not work out with Chaunte, that he will obtain another six pack of hotties for him. Anthony looks uncomfortable, perhaps recalling the previous time Cheyne performed that service, and Chaunte showed up.

    Jesse asks Corbin to help him find some pictures of naked hotties in the hot tub so that Carrie, the tourist from Seattle who has decided to move to Maui to ruin Jesse's life, won't find them. Corbin does not remember the night in question due to his level of intoxication.

    Rachel complains that Cheyne has not helped her plan her birthday party. Cheyne mutilates some fish on the grill and presents it to Rachel, who comments that it always tastes the same. The two exchange a Look.

    Anna sees Cheyne in a store looking at perfume. He explains that he has to buy Rachel a birthday present. Anna agrees to help him choose one, but first they must go and get shaved ice. Cheyne and Anna reminisce about the days when they used to date. Cheyne asks for advice about the present for Rachel. Anna says that all girls want a diamond. Cheyne says he will not buy one. Anna explains that this is whre boys go wrong, because a diamond does not mean that you are like, getting married or anything. She then suggests that he get Rachel a tiara. Cheyne recalls that Rachel has expressed a desire for one. Anna agrees to attend Rachel's birthday party, but says she will leave if it is weird. Cheyne explains that Rachel feels, like, threatened by Anna because the two used to date. Anna says that is something all girls do. She misses the days when she and Cheyne dated. The two exchange a Silence. Cheyne tells Anna he will be looking very good at the party, so she should not try anything.

    Cheyne and Anthony skateboard and drink beer while admired by two hotties. Chaunte arrives, and informs Anthony that they were supposed to have lunch. Anthony says he forgot. Chaunte asks why he has not been answering his phone. Anthony says he does not know where it is. Anthony asks if he can have just one more something I couldn't understand. Chaunte complains that she has waited for Anthony all day. She asks Anthony if he wants to stay. He says he wants to go with her, and they leave in her truck. Cheyne and the hotties smirk.

    At the party, Anna arranges the cuffs of her jeans to display the wide ribbon bow of her shoes, and her fresh pedicure. Rachel, wearing her tiara, compliments her on the jeans. Anna says she got them online, and I think that she may have offered to get some for Rachel. These people are very hard to understand. Rachel walks away.

    Chaunte tells Rachel and some other girls that she is angry because this ***** keeps calling Anthony. I couldn't tell if the ***** was one of the hotties from earlier. Fortunately, the producers are considerate enough to label the main characters so that we can distinguish one from the other. Rachel tries to cheer Chaunte up by showing her the blow-up doll she has received as a gift, but Chaunte points out that this is a serious matter. She takes Anthony into a room and expresses her displeasure with the *****'s calls to him. Apparently, he has found his phone, since she also expresses displeasure that Anthony calls her back. She asks Anthony if he wants to be with the *****. Anthony says he sees her as a friend.

    Rachel complains that Cheyne is making her wait too long while he talks to one of his friends. She kisses him and begins to add more air to the blow up doll. Cheyne swats it away, hurting Rachel's teeth. She slaps him. He explains that he does not wish to play with the blow up doll at this time.

    The next morning, Jesse gets ready to go pick up Carrie, the former tourist from Seattle. He tells Corbin that he is getting stoked. Corbin shows him a pair of panties obtained during the previous night's party. He puts the panties on his head and waves good-bye to Jesse, who drives to the airport and waits for Carrie, welcome lei in hand. She arrives, and they hug. She tells Jesse he is now stuck with her. Jesse looks reflective.

    Anthony has asked Chaunte to meet him under a tree. He tells her they fight all the time and maybe they need a break. Chaunte disagrees. She thinks they only have differences like everybody else. Anthony does not appear to be in a communicative mood. Chaunte attempts to clarify whether he wishes the break to be temporary or permanent. Anthony repeats that they need a break. Chaunte tells him fine, take all the time he needs, but maybe she won't be there. Anthony tries not to look hopeful. Chaunte is noticeably displeased.

    Don't be intimidated by all the subtle plot twists. Every episode is repeated at least twelve times during the week, for people who don't have Tivoids, and every episode starts with a generous helping of recap, to help you keep up. - Oh, and there's Chaunte's Blog


  5. lol. I don't get why on commercial's for the show, the announcer says "Log online to hear from the hottest girls on the island--chaunte and anna!" ew. chaunte's teeth bother me.
  6. I think they sometimes have them chat on some software that is beneath the dignity of my Venerable Dowager of a computer.

    And of course, you can always leave comments on Chaunte's blog...
  7. oh noo. I meant I don't get why he says they're the hottest lol.
  8. OK OK I've never watched Real Life or any of the MTV things, but thanks to this remarkable synopsis I will shoehorn in at least one episode!
  9. Oh... you ladies would get in so much trouble here (I live on Maui) for admitting to liking this show!

    One of the boys was a student in one my classes when I was doing my student teaching a few years back, so that made me watch a little of first episode... and all I could do was shake my head & flip the channel.

    Most local folk on Maui are embarrassed and angry by partying lifestyle of these young'uns ... and most are upset with the fact that the cast is so homogeneous, especially given that Hawaii is one of the most diverse states in the nation...

    (shrug) I admit to thinking it's a ridiculous show, but I also worked in the restaurant industry and the turnover of young, white mainland transplants was pretty high... they stay for a, party, hook-up (with each other, with tourists, very rarely with locals...) and then leave... So Maui Fever is probably accurate in the stupidity of young folk...

    ... but most Island residents would be soon enough happy if MTV pulled the plug on this show & didn't film a 2nd season.

  10. LOL! Here's an explanation of "Upcountry" ...

    Maui, like most places, has what is considered the "town" side... post office, downtown, businesses, homes, neighborhoods... the town, basically.... and then there is the "country" side... farms, not a lot of development, houses here & there..

    Town: we tend to think, Kahului, Lahaina, Wailuku, Kihei... all developed, busy little places at about sea level.
    Country: we picture, Makawao, Pukalani, Kula, ... the ranch area....herds of cattle and all... getting built up, but still very "wide open spaces"-ish

    The "country" side, is located on our beloved dormant volcano Haleakala. (translation: House of the Sun) and this mountain is goes up to about 2miles above sea level.

    So...when you go out to the "country" you have to drive up the volocano. Hence.. all those areas are melded into the local term "Upcountry".

    So "we go party upcountry" = Let's go Upcountry to party.

  11. I have had no desire to watch this and you have confirmed my first impression. Funny SP.
  12. Thanks so much for the explanation of "upcountry" Junkenpo!

    And while I was looking for Chaunte's blog, I remember seeing some news story blurbs that mentioned that the non-cast member Maui residents were um, displeased, with the show, for all the reasons you say, and more.

    It was all I could do to contain my amazement.

  13. Sorry, but this show is garbage. I couldn't even sit though the first episode. I hope it gets canceled.
  14. Well I have heard some offline gossip that the reason the show depicts one of the most ethnically diverse places in the US as populated almost entirely by blonde Euro-Mericans is that the producers attempts to recruit participants for the show were successful only with this particular minority ethnic group.

    The native Hawaiians and other groups that make up the state's fabulous rainbow of population, to a man, declined...

    I repeat, this is nothing but gossip, it may be exactly what happened, it may be exactly what somebody made up.
  15. This show is ridiculous and doesn't portray Hawaii at all. It needs to be cancelled. Everyone I know is pissed off about it and hates the show.