Matzoh Brei?

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  1. Anyone make it? I have been making them tons-what is your recipe for one?
  2. I make it like I do french toast but can never decide whether to top it off with syrup, jelly or powdered sugar.
  3. yum! the only passover food i actually like! my parent's recipe is just matzoh soaked in ice water, drained and mixed with eggs, then fried (or more like scrambled). I like topping it with salt and sugar :tup:
  4. Yum!!! ^^^ Thats the way my mom does it, i like it with syrup
  5. Yep. You can also add a little cinnamon if you want.
  6. Fabulous, isn't it???? :nuts:

    Actually my MIL likes to make the matzah kuegel......God I'm hungry.....
  7. i love it with syrup too!!
  8. I always take advantage of the bargains on matzoh just prior to Pesach, as we eat a lot of matzoh brei throughout the year!

    First, I put a little butter in a fry pan and carmelize some red onions. I soak the matzoh in hot water, then lay it on a towel. I beat up twice as many eggs as sheets of matzoh. I crumble the matzoh into the eggs and let the matzoh soak up the eggs. Then I put in the carmelized onions and pour the whole mixture into the frying pan.

    My DF loves it when I make matzoh brei! :yes: