Matt's LV Collection!

  1. Here is some of my LV, it is only going to get larger, I have a jacket on the way right now! I will post pics when I get that in from the store! Enjoy!

    Theda Strength Bracelets!

    Monogram Glace Bracelet

    Wapity and Cles


    Keepall 50

    Pionnier backpack

    Panama thong sandals

    Multicolor Keepall 45, I am buying the white one eventually!

    Spa Monogram Mule

    Simple card holder
  2. :love: really like your black wapity!!
  3. Very nice collection! Love your Keepall :biggrin:
  4. :biggrin: Matt!!! Your collection is FINALLY up!!! It took forever and a day to come up... Can't wait for the jacket to come in... I didn't know you had a Keepall other than Shavonda? btw... you took a great pic of her... GAH. Can't wait to get my Keepall 55 Bandouliere... :cry:
  5. The thong sandles are great! Nice collection! ;)
  6. Very nice :biggrin: Love the keepall:love: and the strength bracelets too! Great collection Matt!
  7. Wow, so many of the bracelets ! Are you going to be adding a vernis one in the future to round off the collection ? ;)
  8. Great collection!!!
  9. Who knows! I love LV bracelets and the new Koala bracelet in Suhali has my name on it I think!
  10. Oh WOW!!! What great pieces you have there!!! LOVE:love: the multi Keepall!!!
  11. Oooh good call ! They're so pretty ! :amuse:
  12. The bracelets are great!!!

    And I love the Wapity! I just got mine Monogram Wapity and I love it more than anything!!!!
  13. I just love the multicolor keepal. Please post the white one when you get it :smile:

    Love the thong sandals. I should check them out for my husband. thanks for sharing. Great collection!
  14. Nice collection! I like the flip flops :shame: :biggrin:
  15. :O black keepall. how much was that i you dont mind me asking.