Mattie with discount ?????

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  1. :confused1:

    Hi, first I wanted to say this is my first post and I am soooo glad I registered at this forum. Everyone seems sooo nice and I love reading your posts.

    Recently I went to Nordstroms - and immediately fell in love with Mattie bag. I can't describe it - but it just seems like a perfect bag to me. The shape, the size, the edgy detailing - all screams : " Buy me ! "

    I was wondering if anyone knows of any sales going on where I can buy the black Mattie bag with maybe 100 or 200 $ off. Besides being a full time student - I currently volunteer full time at two different organizations - so I really have no income at all whatsoever. I can't stop volunteering either - as I tremendously enjoy it:heart::tup: and signed up to work a certain amount of hours.

    I have a bit money saved up and my bf agreed to chip in a bit. I'm looking at about 500 $ dollars altogether. But 675 $ plus nearly 9.0 % SF tax would bring that up over 700.

    I know Bloomies recently had a 25 % off sales but they don't sell Mattie. Perhaps you know any other retailers that have a 10 or a 20 % off sale and sell Black mattie ?:shame:
  2. Hmmm... I just looked at Revolve and Active Endeavors and they don't have Mattie on their sites, that I saw. I also looked at Pink Mascara, Plaza Too and one other store for you. I only saw it in stock at NM, Shop Bop and likely BG, b/c of the relationship b/t it and NM. I don't know of any discount codes for NM, BG, or Shop Bop off hand. You can try deals and steals forum though. If Revolve or AE have it, there are usually codes floating around.

    Another thing I saw was that is carrying the bag, through Scoop. It is not at a discount, but I think you can break up the payments if they have the color you want. I googled for a coupon for and some came up, but it will be trial and error to see if they actually work.

    Welcome to the forum!

  3. Thanks for your advice. I just checked deals and steals - someone just posted 20 % off at shopbop but it was too late.:sad::s

    If anyone has an extra % code for NM or shopbop PLEASE let me know. You don't know how happy you would make me. This would be not only my first Kooba bag but my first "expensive bag ".:woohoo:
  4. Hi!

    I don't have any codes but just wanted to wish you luck in your search and say "Welcome" to the Kooba forum! :balloon:
  5. shopbop has their "taxbreak08" code that would get you $100 off or $150 off if you bought something else too and spent more than $750 (plus no tax) Or what about the jacinda? it's a really similar bag except not as tall...the sytle is almost the exact same. you could get that at activeendeavors for 30% off or about $416 (and no tax) and be way under your budget of $500 with code "noprank"

  6. thanks everybody for your advice:tup: - I really really appreciate it. :heart: Unfortunately, I didn't see the shopbop code in time and a couple days ago I loaned all the money I saved to my sister for her to buy a new computer. I guess I'll just have to wait a few months now. :cursing:
  7. that's really nice of you to loan the money to your sister. i'm sure it will be on sale again soon