Mattie lovers unite! ~*MATINEE*~ Lovers Club!!!

  1. I actually bought that exact bag last year from Bluefly. I was so excited to get it and then checked it over and saw those red pen marks on the side of the bag. Was super disappointed. I contacted BF to see if they would discount the bag any further but they wouldn't, so I ended up sending it back. It's a gorgeous bag IRL! Just didn't want to spend that kind of money on a bag that was supposedly new and wasn't.
  2. i looked at the bag, the spots are bad but look very small and in a corner that is hidden thankfully. i'm not a matinee person (i'm trying with a black one coming soon but i think thats the only color i can do) the dusty color looks gorgeous though, lucky for those who wear the matinee style often
  3. Pity it didn't turn up to be PEarl after all. I did think that the leather texture looks different.

    But I thought the color of that Dusty Matinee looks different from the bag in the eBay auction? And if it's the same bag, why didn't the seller just return the bag to the original seller on account of the red marks?
  4. My very own Jade Mattie! more photos in my collection thread from post #354.

  5. [​IMG]


    Front row: Glazed Almond, Glazed Espresso
    2nd row: Teal, Wine
    Back row: Ocean, Jade, Dark Gray
  6. Gorgeous travelers!! Nice to see your beauties all together! I can't even pick my favorite, they are all so pretty!
  7. They are very pretty. Especially that wine and ocean. Gorgeous ocean leather.
  8. Thank you disco & kaits! These Matties are special ;)

  9. Beautiful collection!!!!

    I need to pull one of mine out and wear it soon!
  10. Thank you Fancy_Pants! :flowers:
    Wine mattie needs to see the world, or the other way around... the world must see how gorgeous wine mattie is!
  11. every time i see these bags from you, i get all giddy coz i want them all too!!!! do you own any mini matties? im debating a regular size vs a mini that im scouring on the net!!! i hope to find a wine one soon!!!! looooovvveeeeee
  12. Thank you plaingal :smile:
    I don't have a mini, I think I will be too small for my needs. Good luck on the hunt for a wine Mattie! I'll keep my eyes pealed for you :smile:
  13. I have been carrying my wine Mattie for 2 weeks and I get compliments on it daily! Beautiful bag. Good luck with your search. The color is amazing.
  14. For your reference, the mini comes in the color Ruby only, never in Wine. I have both 2 minis (Violet and Sailor blue) and the full size in Wine. I recommend the full size mainly bc the minis done fit on the shoulder which is a PITA when shopping. Whichever style you pick, I 100% recommend one with suede flaps....thats the best part of this bag, having a secret smooshy pet-able leather bit hidden under the flap. (second best part is the many pockets).
  15. Thanks for all the input! Does anybody here know if the dark lamb regular sized Mattie have suede under its flaps? I can't seem to find that information anywhere ... Any and all help will be much appreciated!!!