Mattie lovers unite! ~*MATINEE*~ Lovers Club!!!

  1. WHEN??!! When did this happen???!!! How did I miss this???!!! Darn the time diff b/w RM land and mine!

    It's so pretty!!! Lucky is the minkette who snagged this Mattie! Didn't even know mattie came in pearl!!! or is this really Pearl?

    Borrowing the seller's photos... LOOK!!! :love:



  2. Wow, it sure does look like Pearl from the photos. Never seen it in a Mattie. This one has the signature hw and square hardware though, so came out in 08 after Pearl, which I think was 07. Maybe RM had some leftover Pearl leather and producted a Mattie in it at a later sample sale? That's my best guess. It's beautiful!!
  3. I haven't seen this combo either but the color sure looks like Pearl. The texture may be a bit different though because I thought I remember Pearl as being somewhat pebbled. The Pearl MABs were all samples so if this is indeed Pearl, I reckon that this one is a sample too like what Fashion1 said.

    Hopefully the buyer is a tpf-er who would post a reveal here soon.
  4. Wow, that's GORGEOUS! I have never seen one like it!
  5. Can't stop staring at it!
    Fashion1's Pearl MAB and this Mattie = heaven with handles!!! I'm selective with light colored bags and RM Pearl makes me heave a long sigh... so beautiful!

  6. very pretty :smile:
  7. That is lovely! Never seen one like that before!
  8. Definitely have never seen that one before! Must have been a's gorgeous! Someone must have really wanted it!!

  9. Where can I pick up a brand-new Matinee? There's none in the RM site :sad:
  10. There are some beautiful ones/like new or EUC on Bonz and eBay right now.....
  11. Also if you call RM HQ in NYC you may be able to get one by phone order b/c they may have one or 2 left over from the OSS. Not enough to keep them online for sale but still may have some left. You never know....
  12. Thank you so much! :smile:
  13. Did anyone here reveal that Pearl Matinee?
  14. I don't think it was Pearl after all. It looks like the Dusty/Silver Spot one on Bonanza now.
  15. Wow! You have a sharp eye! It does look like the one at Bonanza now?