Matthew Williamson sizing help needed

  1. I am deciding wether to buy a Matthew Williamson jacket but do not know how the sizing is. I am in between a UK size 10/12 and do not know which size to go for. I am buying online so trying it on is not an option.
    Does anyone here know if MW clothing runs true to size or small/large? If they are generous sizing then I could probably get away with a uk 10.
    Any help would be so much appreciated guys! :flowers:
  2. up until 2 years ago. MW sizes were rediculously generous. I am a uk 10-12 also and used to buy a size 8! This was also in part though that alot of the items were floaty kaftan style items. Since the empire dress became popular they are not completely true to size. I would go for the 12 if I were you, as the busts are now fitted.
    Hope that helps

    oh and btw, which one you going for ;)
  3. Thanks for that. This is the jacket that I am wanting, but I dont know wether to just go for the 10 and hope for the best? or the 12, surely there cant be that much difference between the two sizes? Oh, decisiions, decisions!