Matthew Williamson for H & M, coming in spring!!!!!

  1. i love h&m's collaborations, but sadly, i am nowhere near an h&m that usually carries the lines. i'm excited to see the lookbook though!
  2. Could be interesting, might be the first one I'll like.....the Cavalli collection wasn't great and CDG was too basic....thinking about it V&R was very nice but impossible to get my mitts on
  3. Oh wow I can't wait!! I've loved all collaborations so far!!
  4. That's great news, I'm a fan!!!
  5. Can´t wait to see !!!
    In the H&M collaborations I really liked Viktor and Rolf, and was able to run to H&M in the middle of the week at 9 am lol. Hopefully we´ll get to see the collection online beforehand.
  6. There are two photos available, but because they're press photos I can only get thumbnails:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. sounds like fun! I love these collaborations.
  8. I like the peacock feather print dress
  9. Love the peacock dress! :nuts:
  10. $200? - That's definitely not going to make regular H&M goers happy. Isn't H&M meant to be affordable? Even the Comme Des Garcons line wasn't anywhere near that expensive.
  11. Any exact date on when and where this is coming?
  12. Wow, I am not fan of diffusion lines but that peacock dress is very MW. If it's silk, it's worth the higher price.