Matthew was BAD today!

  1. I was having a TERRIBLE day! I left work in the worst mood and I ran home knowing I need some retail therapy to help me haha. So I called Gucci to see about my bag and if they had more than one in that I could choose from, they had 3! so I flew to the Mall, got there, they had the WRONG bag, it was the small one and I got really nervous because I didn't want them to only have ONE of the bags I wanted with the GG pattern not lined up correctly and look funny. Well it was PERFECT... I hope I don't get addicted haha because I saw some other Gucci's I LOOOOOOOVED

    Then LV... tons of miror cases and armante if anyone is interested, and also Saks had a black Mahnia Xl if your interested.

    But I decided to just get the wallet knowing I will always think about it! I shouldn't have bought it.... but TOO LATE :sweatdrop:

    oh and thats my mom in the picture haha

  2. Congrats Matt!!!! Sometimes we just need some retail therapy! Any heart coin purses or were they just the cosmetic bags?
  3. BAD BAD Mat!!
  4. oh heart coin purses too! a gold one and a few vernis's
  5. hmm so I am not the only one having a Gucci fetish:p
  6. Darn, looking for the silver heart!! LOL
  7. That's hot. congrats!
  8. Congrats!
  9. love the wallet~~~:heart:
  10. wow, thanks for sharing, love your silver suhali zippy wallet
  11. congraaaaaats! and omg I want that Mahina! if only I had some money, lol!
  12. The Gucci bag was only $480.00 I couldn't pass it up
  13. Matt... you know I love your new items... and that GUCCI... How much was the GUCCI bag? I know it's new right? You always get the best LVs :smile:
  14. ^^ Oops... nevermind $480 that's GREAT!
  15. Matt excellent choices! Thanks for the info on what items are available at your store.