Matte vs. Shiny Leather

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  1. I just bought a city on ebay and it arrived today. I have a few of these already but I haven't seen one that has been conditioned or treated so much that it is matte. All of the bags I have had still had some shine left to them on the leather. It doesn't look bad, but it does look different. Its not the look I'm used to and it will take some adjustment.

    My question is: Is there anyway of putting any of the shine back or is that gone for good?

    Also, are there people here that prefer the more matte look of the leather? I happen to have two bags of the same color, one shiny and the other matte and it does affect what the color looks like.

    Thanks a bunch!!!
  2. I personally prefer the shiny look, but have ready many comments here about a preference for matte. I like shiny better mainly because the color looks deeper and darker when it's shiny.
  3. I don't think it's possible to get the shine back on...

    I have both.. and honestly I like them equally. There are some colors which I think look great shiny, whereas others (like the darker ones) look better matte.
  4. Thanks. I think after reading around some that the bag has been treated with a product of some sort. I'm going to try conditioning it but I don't know if it will make any difference. Unfortunately, I think I like shiny better.
  5. I like both, but have found that sometimes the darker colors look better matte. Is it a dark or light color?
  6. you can try the shine restore product from LMB! I haven't tried it but other people on the board who have tried it liked it a lot!
  7. I personally do not use any thing on my Bbags and like them the way they are. I prefer the shiny look. :yes: I won't buy any bags that has been treated.:yucky:
  8. I like a bit of shine to my Bals. When I apply Apple Leather Conditioner and Apple Guarde, the leather goes matte for about a week and shines right back up again!
  9. Yep....Lovin My Bags has just the thing to restore the shine. Here's the write up and link:

    Lovin my Bags Bagnificent Shine Restore:
    We have it! Our new Shine Restoring product is for all the Balenciaga Bags and other shiny leather bags that have lost their LUSTER.
    Based on your feedback, we have developed a product for those of you who love your Bag "Shiny": a moisturizer that will restore the shine and enhance the color of faded bags.

    Lovin my Bags Store
  10. Prior to my first bbag purchase, I preferred the matte look, I guess because my other non bbags were all that way , but after seeing them IRL and buying my first bbag, I prefer the shiny ones now.
  11. I just tried LMB's shine restore... It will make your matte bags SHINY AGAIN!

    My personal preference depends on the bag. Certain bags I like to be matte and certain bags I like to be shiny. I feel like each bag has their own personality kind of... :rolleyes:
  12. Its magenta and it just doesn't seem to look right without the shine.
  13. I like them matte and condition all mt bags with LVB pre-treatment but if you want the shine back just use the shine restore and it will bring it back.
  14. Thanks! I have ordered it and hope it works!
  15. I like it shiny, lighter colours look better shiny.