Matte vs. Glazed

  1. Dear ladies, in your opinion, which color croc would look best glazed and which color croc would look best matte? Please list your choices of color with the preference of either matte or glazed here. TIA:flowers:
  2. well that is a tough one ! generally i would say glazed but some browns looks better matte as glazed they remind me of poodle poo. and generally i prefer if matte in niloticus than in porosus as the structure of niloticus is more wild and the scales have a kind of fringy end that and combined with matte gives the croc a totally new and wild edge
    and babyrose for example looks better in matte as in glazed i find it a bit too barbiedoll like but that is just me.
    if i have to say in recent i prefer 90% glazed and 10% matte
  3. Oh my lilach! I never saw a matte porosus croc. They all seem to be niloticus. I do love the niloticus much more in matte.
  4. I think a glazed white croc would be simply amazing.

    Sharon Stone's med green croc Kelly and Mr Lau's assistant's purple croc birkin, both glazed are equally gorgeous. The images are in Stars & Hermes and Asian Women threads.
  5. for me ..glazed all the way, all the time ( even if it looks like poodle poo to Lilah!):lol:
  6. i think it's all just personal preference, my dear.