Matte taupe grey??

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  1. Anyone ordering something in this? I'm really curious and am seriously craving something matte...Is it a browney taupe or more grey?
  2. Oh and what looks good in matte? I really like my WTM so that? How is the TME in matte?
  3. I actually don't know, but hopefully I will soon find out, because I preordered a TMA in this taupe. I guess you have seen Maria's TME in grey matte, it looks really marvelous.
    I like the mattes over all othe type of leather, so I might not be the correct person to answer ;)
    IMO you cannot go wrong at all with this type!
  4. I've ordered something :graucho:

    And yes......the WTM/WTMidi would be PERFECT in this colour! asked! ;)
  5. I immediately ordered a Stroke Me Medium in matte taupe grey, when it was first introduced in the Spring 09 line. I have never seen the color, but Jackie's description of it sold me. I can't wait to see this bag. It feels like it has been ages. I'm excited to have a grey bag, in this smaller size. Am moving towards smaller bags. I have enough big bags at this time.
  6. I have a TME midi with gold hardware on order. I am so excited for this color. Personally, I think everything looks good in the matte leather, but the Love Me and WTM look particularly great, IMO.
  7. We'll be bag twins.:smile:
  8. I have the same question, whether it will still read as grey, or appear more taupe.
  9. GGP....just came in here to see your post...and I saw Contessa's new avi....OMG...LOVE Mr. Big!!! If he is hanging around your house Contessa, I wanna share!!!

    (Sorry J to hi-jack!)

    Oh by the way, I got this info from Rose regarding the taupe gray.....

    It is taupe grey and is a warmer, more summery version of the matte grey that is quite a bit colder in tone. We are rather certain that it shall be quite as popular as dark grey.

  10. Yea, received the same quote (description), I'm guessing a little more taupe in this color.
  11. Really keen to see this colour!
  12. I am also wondering... Rose told me they dont have swatches yet... i wonder whether it'll be too elephant-like...
  13. I think that it might just be a bit more honey toned in with the grey.
  14. Let me process that info... Lack of sleep isnt helping...
  15. So are the WTM and TMA being made with this leather?