Matte of shiny crocodile?

  1. which one would you get? in black- shiny or matte?!!
  2. Shiny is dressy and rigid
    Matte is more casual and softer

    Depends which you are looking for
  3. I would pick matte, as I like understated. If you like bling-bling then shiny.
  4. i like shiny better. matte to me looks too much like leather with crocodile pattern printed on. i know it isn't, but it reminds me of it. the shininess is what i love about croc.
  5. I agree with Haute Couturess, croc must be shiny otherwise you are better to go with a clemence lether.

    Considering the price of a croc, you have to consider very well those to options, if any doubt, go with leather...

    Good luck!
  6. I tried on a matte croc noir with PH yesterday- and its my first croc purchase from hermes so i want it to be perfect- i loved it but it wasnt amazing- i usually dont like flashy, bling bling- but i think maybe shiny would really add a nice touch to any outfit- while matte is understated- esp in black- maybe matte would look good in lighter colors- but not black

    thanks you guys
  7. When I do find the resources to purchase a croc, I would go all out and go for shiny.
  8. And go for your ultimate color!!! I still can't decide what is mine...
  9. matte or glazed - croc is FABULOUS either way!:yes::wlae:
  10. My dream bag is a birkin or kelly in shiny croc. I figured, after I spent all the money, it better be shiny.

    Also, I think shiny is more classic (i.e. old hollywood movie stars), while matte is more modern. They're both beautiful but my heart sings for shiny croc.
  11. I prefer larger bags in matte and small bags - like my kelly pochette - in glazed "shiny" croc.

    For day I find matte more "chic" and understated, but I must agree that shiny gets lot more attention!
  12. For a Birkin, I prefer Matte,
    but Shiny/Glazed for a Kelly :yes: !!
  13. matte.

  14. Completely agree. Kelly shiny, large birkin matte.