Matte navy or plum reissue?!?

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Navy or plum reissue?

  1. Navy 227

    9 vote(s)
  2. Plum 226

    11 vote(s)
  1. Hi ladies,
    I have recently taken the Chanel plunge and can't seem to stop ;). i would like some advice as to the next member of my Chanel family! I currently own:

    226 matte black aged calfskin reissue RHW
    Jumbo black caviar GHW
    Vintage Maxi black lambskin GHW

    I want to add a little color and am currently deciding between a 227 matte navy aged calfskin reissue RHW and a 226 plum reissue SHW... any thoughts?!? I have been going back and forth so many times, I figured I need a little help :smile:

    thank you ladies!!
  2. Do you have any pictures how the plum looks? :smile: I'd probably sell the Vintage Maxi black lambskin GHW and buy the Plum version and another bag in Navy (e.g. boy or mini :smile: )
  3. CHJ08180501.jpg
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  4. Hi! thanks for the response...I really don't want to sell my Maxi, it is vintage with the real gold plated hardware and ever since I saw Victoria Beckham wearing it I was obsessed, lol. I have thought a lot about a boy because I love the way they look, but they seem to get beat up sooo easily (corners rubbed, scratches, etc). The mini doesn't really fit my lifestyle, and I have fallen in LOVE with the reissues and their understated elegance.
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  5. I would definitely keep your vintage maxi, especially if you love vintage. The vintage maxi is a gorgeous piece! What color do you think you'd get more use out of? I think both the plum or navy reissue would be versatile and add a pop of color. Is either size preferable to you? Good luck with your decision.
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  6. Ha! That's partly how I am trying to convince myself to buy both ;) I thought the 227 Navy would be great with jeans, weekend bag plus work bag, and the 226 Plum would make a great date night/transition from day to night bag... I see myself using them two different ways which is the biggest reason I can't decide!!

    I had seen someone post a thread about having a hard time getting their navy to match anything, so was hoping to get some input on that as well.

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  7. if both are not an option, i vote for plum! love the color!!
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  8. thank you! I definitely want to add some color, but still want something with versatlity!
  9. Plum. I love Chanel metallics even though some people have problem with them.
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  10. Thanks for your input - I have to admit, I'm actually not crazy about a lot of the metallics, they seem too glittery for my style, but the plum really grabbed my attention because it seems to be more of a subtle sheen?

    Do you own any metallics, and if so, have you had any issues with how they hold up?

    Thank you!
  11. I have 2 metallics, wallet and pouch. They are fine except for some rubbing at the corners. I prefer metallics in darker colors as it adds a bit of elegance to it.
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  12. I would get the navy. I think navy is easy to match actually. Have been on the lookout for 227 navy myself (but with ghw). The picture of the plum bag is beautiful however I feel I would get more use with a navy bag.
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  13. I am biased, I suppose - I have the Plum and it's my favourite ever bag. I've been using it pretty much to the exclusion of everything else since I got it last November. It's such a chameleon, the way the light changes it from plum to deep, inky purple, to muted lilac to almost black. To me, purple is a neutral - I wear it with everything. ❤️
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  14. I'd go for plum, the navy might be too close too black.
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  15. Wow, this plum one is so beautiful. It will go so well with black, blue,(both light blue and dark blue) white, almost any type of color. Go for the plum!! :smile:
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