Matte Mandarin Enchant Me is finally here!

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  1. I ordered the matte mandarin EM right after ordering a matte tan EM, both in the regular/large size. I ended up dumping the tan EM the day after it arrived because it was too small. I ordered it again in the oversize version.

    So I was pretty worried about this bag. I was bummed a bit, because I did so not want to dump yet another bag for size problems. Yay for me, because in orange, this bad boy looks plenty big on my Amazonian frame (6 ft, not skinny).

    I've still up-sized all other EM orders to the oversize version (which is 2" wider at the base), but I'm soooo incredibly happy with this bag. This one won't be leaving my collection anytime soon.

    Anyway, for those of you considering a mandarin matte BEC order, I can highly recommend it. The leather is BEAUTIFUL, and the color is outstanding.

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  2. OOOOOOH!!!!! It's GORGY!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Wow. Just wow!!!
  4. WOW!!! :drool::drool::drool:

  5. Very pretty... This leather really showcases this style.
  6. Love the vibrant colour - what a delicious bag!
  7. Mmmmm...looks like a cool, sweet creamsicle!
  8. You hit the nail on the head!!!
  9. double wow....just wow!!
  10. gga for me this is the best EM yet!!!
    i will be honest and say this bag doesnt have the wow factor for me. but mandarin is definately WOW!!! you are making me itchy for my orange hold me now!!
    did you go for the pink lining??? i love orange + pink !!!

    can't wait to hear what Loquita thinks of this bag!!!
  11. That mandarin leather is beautiful!
  12. oh yeah, that's a WOW! definitely... it's gorgeous!!
  13. I was thinking the same thing as pinkdiamond! This is the best EM so far!

  14. gorgeous bag, makes me want to bite it. :smile:

    I was waiting to see how the leather looked before I ordered my mandarin bag...THE WAITING is officially over, i am in MASSIVE LOVE. gga, you took a risk and WON BIIIIIIIG!!! :heart: :faint: :love: :heart: :faint: :heart: