Matte Havanne Croc

  1. I know this color exists. However does anyone know if it's currently being offered specifically in porosus croc? If not now, then maybe in either July or Feb? Or is entirely too early to know? TIA!
  2. A friend was recently in Paris and she said she saw a havanne croc birkin. I cannot remember if it was a nilo or porosus, glazed or matte. My mind gets fuzzy sometimes.
  3. HL, I would think that it is made, since there are not that many colors done in matte, and Havanne is probably the most popular....But I haven't heard anything specific about it. I can try and find out, since I'd like to know aswell.... Actually, strangely enough, I prefer Nilo for matte croc, as it has a more "wild" look to it.
  4. HL, I've seen Havanne in the most recent swatches for matte croc without any specifications as to whether or not it's Nilo or Porosus. Most of the matte pieces I've seen are in Nilo, although there have been some in Porosus.
  5. I have seen several matte Havanne pieces in the store recently, but that's obviously no indication of whether it will be available at podium for the next order. My instincts would say probably though, since it's the most popular color in matte.
  6. H still does the havanne matte croc. houston store just had one last month in a 30 birkin with PH. I believe it was nilo though. not sure of porosus.