Matte Graphite Croc?

  1. Is there such a color? If so, is it lighter or darker than shiny croc? Thank you, ladies (and gents). Sorry for all the pesky questions today.
  2. Yes, there is Matte Graphite Croc. I haven't seen the glazed version, so I can't compare it. I do know that in Matte Rouge H, that it's a lot lighter than glazed Rouge H. Hope that helps.
  3. On the same topic sort of...not quite...sorry h-l, please forgive my mini-hijack--
    Is graphite the same as anthracite, and if not, is anthracite croc still being made?
  4. :nuts: Really!?!? What does it look like IRL? Does it have slight brown/plum undertones? Be honest... Or does it look plain black. OMG... I'm so excited!