matte gold classic flap!

  1. who likes the matte gold flap? I am ordering one tommorrow at the pre increase price, hopefully I will love it. Do you think it can be worn with casual clothes, or is it a night bag?
  2. It's a gorgeous bag! I saw it at NM, and was so tempted, but I'm too scared to own lambskin, because it's very delicate, plus this is metallic. I'd totally wear it with jeans, to dress it down, but the nice thing is the bag will look great dressed up too! Hope you end up getting it :smile:

  3. Please post pics when you get it. =)
  4. Its stunning!
  5. You can def dress it up or down. I say get it so I can live vicariously through you! I'm too much of a chicken to own lambskin too!
  6. Im bad with my bags ^^!
    right now my red lambskin is thrown on the floor next to my work chair :X
  7. the matte gold looks good dressed up or down. I tried it on and it looked good w/my jeans and beige short sleeve turtleneck.

  8. You're brave! How does it look so far?
  9. pristine! Im not super careful with my bags and I do let random people fondle them from time to time. My coworkers esp love to come around and model the bags and touch them up...its hilarious. They are just bags at the end of the I try not to baby them :smile:

    But the red lambksin classic with new chain is looks good with any type of clothes.