Matte Gold Classic Flap **pics** Keep or return?

  1. I bought this unseen and it arrived, but is it too blingy or it is classic?
    It was between the matte gold classic and the python soft and chain
    Which would you get -classic or soft&chain?
  2. Recall, this was the python soft and chain:

  3. I like the classic better, although I don't know exactly what all to wear with it. :shrugs:
  4. I am not a python fan and prefer the matte gold because to me, it is more classic and timeless.
  5. Does this gold color look cheap? It's definitely less garish than the gold reissue. I'm on the fence.
  6. hmm, right now i like the gold classic better bc it looks to be a lot less blingy. i'm assuming that the first bag looks more blingy bc it was photographed in bright sunlight in one picture and then with a lot of flash in the other. the gold python doesn't look right to me. i LOVE your other python bags though!!
  7. I saw the matte gold and tried it on. I looooooooved it. I was wearing jeans, gold ballet flats and a cream short sleeve turtleneck. It looked good. Unfortunetaly I couldn't get it because I promised my DH no new purses.
  8. Not a fan of gold or silver purses. I know they are really trendy right now but I really love the classic colors. I love the new reds and blues. But if I had to choose I would choose the python. The gold one is alittle too paris hilton for me. (sorry girls Not a fan of that girl) But cute bag! You can never go wrong with a chanel flap bag. May I ask what size it is?
  9. sorry no help. i prefer the classic.
  10. if it's a mandatory choice between the two, i'd keep the asked about the python before right?...i think the python may be a pinch too much KWIM? :smile:
  11. I'd keep the classic. You already own some GORGEOUS pythons...
  12. I prefer the matt gold classic! its so pretty :love:
  13. I love the classic one more.
  14. I like the Gold Classic Flap.
  15. What a coincidence!! I, too, bought this sight unseen last week and have been waiting anxiously for it to arrive. I went home during lunch and Mr. UPS had kindly delivered it to my door. I personally think it's beautiful because it's NOT too bling-y. The gold is so soft and matte and not shiny at all - in fact, it could pass as silver OR gold IMHO depending on the outfit. And I adore the silver hardware!!

    I don't think it looks fake whatsoever, and it's definitely not as garish as the gold reissue. The python is a little too much for a bag (versus a clutch) so I think this is the best of both worlds. If you keep it, we'll be twins!! :yes: