Matte Foundation V. Luminous?

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  1. I just bought the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation but I am debating whether I like this - versus T. LeClerc foundation which has more of a matte finish. What do you think for foundation - luminous finish vs. matte finish?
  2. I'm usually for a luminous finish foundation because you have more options with it.
    If you're in a luminous "mood", you just use the foundation, and when you want a matte finish you can always top it with a little pressed powder.
  3. Yes that makes sense too! Thanks.
  4. I top my MU with loose powder because it helps to set it and it helps with my oily T zone. I think matte foundation with loose powder is too heavy looking. Luminous or sheer glow foundations with powder looks a little less made up IMO.
  5. Be careful with the 'luminous' thing- a little sheen is nice but a glittery face can look a bit tacky!