Matte crocodile birkins

  1. If you buy a matte crocodile birkin at the boutique, will they glaze it for you? Is it able to be done? I'm just wondering because I don't like matte but do like a bag I saw recently and would buy it if it could be glazed, but haven't made up my mind yet. I wonder what the difference is in terms of caring for it and how it wears, glazed vs. matte?
  2. Sophie I don't think it's possible. Even if it were, it would cost a fortune. Better to hold out for a bag you truly love as is.
  3. Sophie, glazed croc isn't truly glazed. The skins are rubbed between stones to get that shiny finish. If you want "glazed" croc, you have to start off buying it that way. However, I have heard of people getting croc items glazed through other sources, not Hermes.
  4. If u want glazed, u buy made from porosus croc or niloticus croc. Why buy matte croc and have it glazed later? the effect is not stunning, imo.
  5. what's the difference between the two? larger scales?:confused1:
  6. my shiny croc wallet started to loose its shine and my SA said even a spa couldnt help it...he said the matte croc is less sensitive in this way....
  7. I'm a crocodile expert NOT!!...but, what my SA told me was that glazed croc happens because the skin ( which starts out matte) is rubbed with smooth stones until it becomes shiney. :smile:
  8. I'm no crocodile expert either and always wondered how they got the glazed look!
  9. they rub it with the special stone...but based on my SA's knowledge they can do it only once otherwise the leather is ruined.What a shame!!!the glazed croc is really stunning!!!
  10. missmarbella, I think your glazed croc wallet is losing its shine because of your constant handling (the oils/creams from our palms). This is not so prevalent with glazed croc bags. The constant contact is the handles, of course, and this is the area that shows most wear. In fact, of all the croc birkins I have come up close with, it's the handles that have the clearest tell tale sign of wear.

    The other day when I was at my store, and the craftsman was repairing a vintage croc kelly, the shine was still there and I did remember telling myself that if that is what my glazed croc birkin would look like in 30 years, I'd be very happy.
  11. I was under the impression that the unglazed croc is a lot more expensive and rare than glazed ... much longer wait etc etc
  12. Thanks for the info MrsS!
    i think you are right with the shine-loss and i am sure the bags can 'behave' much better...
    Honestly i was a bit disappointed on my wallet but my SA said it belongs to its beautiness :smile: so i am dine with it now...