Matte Croc vs Shiny Croc Birkin, Any Matte fans?

  1. I love matte croc, but do not care for shiny croc in a Birkin. IMO, matte is quieter, more casual and understated. For me the Birkin is a casual bag, so matte just goes with the style.

    Guessing that most would prefer shiny croc. It is definitely more iconic.
  2. i like both. certain croc colors looks best with matte croc and same too for shiny croc. i don't think shiny croc has anything to do with iconic. the birkin shape is the iconic coz' after many years, it is still the most sought after bag style by many women worldwide and have a waiting list. i never get bored with hermes birkin.
  3. i am a total fan. i think it looks so elegant!!!!
    if i ever got a croc hermès i would definitely want it in mat.
  4. I saw crocodile birkin matte in Paris.. brown, rouge h and black... i didnt like them at all.. i love the glazed crocodile.. LOVE IT.. but in the matte it doesnt speak to me at all!
  5. i like 'em better in matte. less flashy :p
  6. Golconsa, I'm with you all the way....I much prefer matte croc; my Holy Grail bag is a brown matte croc Birkin 35!:love: :drool: :heart:
  7. I love both matte and shiny croc--although I wouldn't choose matte for my first and only croc which I would prefer to be a shiny croc Kelly. Perhaps a second bag--I saw a young woman with a 30cm in matte black w/PH about five years ago, and for some reason that image has been on my mind ever since. She wore it very casually, and I really liked that; it was a lot more subtle and less formal than the polished croc.
  8. The SA told me that matte croc skins had to have fewer surface flaws than the glazed ( a surface that's achieved by buffing the skin....) The matte croc surface will show more "flaws" ( not the best word but you know what I mean ) so only extra beautful croc matte skins are used.

    I really like the matte....
  9. I really like shiny one over matt. croc. I saw a matt croc. Birkin in real life finally. I didn't like it at all. It's just my personal taste...

  10. Oops, I just re-read my post, and noticed that I spelled your name wrong....sorry Golconda, it was a typo, you have such a lovely name; if I'm not mistaken , isn't it a place in India ? where precious stones came from....
  11. Yes, the legendary and illusive Golconda diamond...sigh....
  12. I love shiny Croc too!
    Matte is more understated, and I suppose when I do finally get a Croc, I want it to be a little more flashy :p
  13. i'm just dreaming about a black mat croc 40cm hac right now ..... :drool:
  14. I like it.
  15. we had a Rouge H Plume in Matte Croc.... it looked AMAZING!