Matte croc production

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  1. Handybags' thread got me thinking... Has anyone else noticed an increase in matte vs. glazed croc lately? If so, does anyone know why?

    I thought matte was harder to produce so I'm completely baffled. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks!
  2. Yep, I've noticed it too: I have no idea why it's increased, except, maybe, that H always try to promote a certain leather type at one time or another....I don't know if it's more difficult to produce than shiny, but I know it's more expensive!!!!
  3. LOL Duna - no wonder they're pushing the matte!
  4. There was quite a bit of matte lizard at FSH in Feb as well.
  5. Maybe the newer supple matte niloticus used on the Lindy was available in a larger supply?

    I also think more people like matte as it is more day friendly and looks more casual than shiny.
  6. Good point Castorny. I think they might have a lot more Matte because of other handbags! Now has anyone seen Matte bags in more structured styles like a Sellier Kelly. I would love to see a picture of that!
  7. Then why is matte more expensive?
  8. ooooh Roxane - matte lizard sounds interesting too!