Matte Chocolate Enchant Me arrived

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  1. Wow, this was one box I was so apprehensive on opening. Let me start from the beginning to give you the best most honest review I can.

    First off....where else in the Bag world can you order a bag to your specifications, have it made within 3 days, and sent immediately to access it in a little over 10 days. Unheard of. It's this kind of service that wil forever put BE in a league of it's own. Try ordering a Special order RM and you might see it in 2 months if you are lucky. And that isn't even designed to your specifications. When you think of this service that BE offers and with a small % of mishaps it is awesome stuff.

    Secondly, to all of you who have box issues, the box was sturdy, well sealed, and the bag was wrapped in bubble wrap with tissue paper. Absolutely no complaints there.

    And to what we have all waited for. The Choco Matte is exactly like my Be Mine Bag, and if possible, a little more beautiful. Though I can perfectly understand why there is confusion. I took the bag out in a low lit room and it looked like a flat dark brown bag. My heart sunk. Then I turned up the lights and that warm mahogany Hue came out. This bag deserves to be worn in the bright sunlight and high lit rooms. It is not going to look it's best in a dark setting, such as a nightclub. In the dark of night or a dark room it looks like a "Brown Bag".

    The size of the EM (Regular) is perfect. Not huge but on the larger side. It is lightweight and very comfortable. The Default drop length is perfect. The leather is a nice thickness. A little stiff but I can see how it will soften quickly. The lining is the quality BE lining and there is no qualms there. I do find that the outer zip pockets are not the easiest to get into because of the leather overlay. To get you cell phone out quickly might not be possible.

    All in all I am pleased. I'll admit it wasn't a "Wow" moment but for comfort and style I will be happy to keep this bag and may even fall more in love with it. I will say that I do not think this is a 850.00 dollar bag as far as leather or detail. It's very nice but does not reek luxurious. But when you think of the service, the amount of options, and the efficiency in which it was made, then it was worth the price.

    So without further adieu....Here is the Chocolate Matte Enchant Me with Default features...

  2. Lexie, I'm so happy you're happy with your bag. You're right ... it does look like a dark flat brown when it's not in the light. But as soon as you take it into the light ... you can see that gorgeous mahogany tones. I wish I had noticed that sooner myself. I think the EM looks stunning in this leather and I'm sure over time it will break in beautifully.

    Love all your photos! Enjoy your new custom bag!
  3. Glad the leather color was what you were expecting! I must say, the stitching looks great with the chocolate matte.
  4. I have been waiting to see your reveal Lexie....I am glad you got the color you were waiting for.

    SHE IS GORGEOUS!! Absolutely stunning. I'm glad you are happy with your new EM!
  5. This is a stunning bag! The leather is just perfect for this style! Congratulations!
  6. Oooo I love the color of your bag!!! Thanks for sharing. It makes me want my purple EM even more!!!
  7. I am very glad to hear that the chocolate matte leather turned out to be a good colour after all and that you received your goods so very promptly.

    Thanks for your detailed, honest and well balanced review.
  8. This is GORGEOUS Lexie!
  9. this cow leather and colur are very nice. and match a design. good:nuts:
  10. I really need to pack it up and start using it. I have a habit of buying too many bags and some never get touched. I have two Prada's and a Treesje coming next week so I need to get to this EM right away.

    When I see it hanging empty the outer design doesn't grab me so much but the color does. I have to say that as much as I *****ed and moaned about the possible leather change that I will extend my apologies now to Jackie because this Choco Matte is the BEST leather BE has, In My humble Opinion, of course. The color and subtle shade variation is sumptuous. I'd like to have a Couch and a Loveseat made out of this....LOL Wonder if Jackie's Artisan's can handle this Bespoke!!!!! :roflmfao:
  11. Thanks for your impressions about the style and leather. I am happy for you, that the matte brown is the same as always.
    I myself think this leather is stunning!
    But I also know it is little on the thick, how do you feel about using this leather on the Enchant Me..will it drape nicely?
    Comparing to a similar sized BE bag with matte leather is this one lighter or heavier to carry?
  12. Lexie - any chance of modelling pics? What do you think of the stitching too, do you prefer one side to the other? It does look like a splendid bag - a classic that will endure with its style and leather quality. I'd be interested like Bonnie in whether you think the matte leather will smoosh in this style.... as I'm weighing up different leathers to bespoke this bag eg pebbled leather
  13. Lexie, your bag is GORGEOUS.

    Can you show us a pic from the lining?
  14. lovely bag! the choc does look very lush
  15. #15 Jul 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2009
    Lexie, I'm SO happy you like your bag.
    I love this happy ending.....