matte black 2.55 reissue with gold HW in size 225?

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  1. Hello ladies,
    Anyone knows where can I find this bag besides the boutique? My SA at Saks told me they didn't order it, but what about BG, NM or Bloomingdale's? I am dying for one. Thanks:heart:
  2. Pretty sure I saw one at BG last week. It definitely looked like the smallest size.
  3. Call christine at 508-6313234, She is the specialist at NM in Natick,MA.
  4. VENUSFLY AND WHITETEA, thanks for your replys.
    Anyone know the price of a size 225?
  5. Sorry, just admired it, didn't ask the price. I know for a fact that the Reissue 12X9 (227) is $3095.00 and that the 11X7 (226) is $2795.00 so I'm gessing the 225 is probably about $200 to $200 less?
  6. Thanks,venusfly. I will go to BG this week to check it out. I am just wondering when did they increase price of reissue? I get my 227 for sth like $2850 last year.