Matte Apple Green AP

  1. WOO HOO.....I chatted with Jackie and she has matte apple green available for our APs!!!! So, I was thinking AG with purple lining??? If not, I would be OK with fuschia as well! I am going to start a list....please add yourself if you are interested! These would be available to get free with our bespoke orders!!!

    1. vixnkitten-SHW and purple or fuschia lining
  2. I am a bit sluggish today... Is this not a separate bespoke for a MAG AP?
  3. GREAT NEWS!!! Thanks, vix!!! :yahoo:

    1. vixnkitten-SHW and purple or fuschia lining
    2. Loquita-SHW and purple or fuchsia lining
  4. So someone could sign up for a bespoke (such as a love me in dark purple matte?) and then sign up for this as their free AP? :graucho:
  5. Me thinks so!! I get the sense that the AG APs don't exist yet, but vix is trying to see if there is enough interest for Jackie to make them...there are some folks ordering the TPF exclusive hobo who want one as well...

    Gorgeous, no? ;)
  6. Resident experts... i am still out of the loop.. would this have 10% off, free shipping and free baby AP? (just kidding on this last part)
  7. But wouldn't a baby AP be lovely?
  8. Yes... a mini Ap would be a lovely addition...

    Mind you, some SO would get confused and think our bags were starting to breed! LOL
  9. Maria, after Bonnie's LMM-hm typo, I was thinking the Love Me and Hold Me had some kind of fling and had created a cross between the two! ;):p
  10. Good idea!
    1. vixnkitten-SHW and purple or fuschia lining
    2. Loquita-SHW and purple or fuchsia lining
    3. bonniekir-silver HW, purple/fuchsia lining
  11. ^LOL... i was thinking about hold me-hug me as well...
    I can certainly picture a baby Hold Me with two outer pockets and braided handles?
  12. :roflmfao:, don't you get too it does not sound too bad..haha
  13. I think we should pester Jackie with our new idea of a baby Angel Purse... that's be the ultimate coin case for a belenista!
  14. I of course, am surprise there. Anyway, would we be able to specifically request AG with our current bespokes?

    If so, I'd love the green to go with my Fuschia LM...purple lining would be amazing!
  15. Yes, I would love an AG with purple lining!