Matte and Glazed and Mixing it all up!

  1. So I'm plotting and conspiring my 5-Year-Plan on the Acquisition of Exotics and have come to the realization that I must NOT stop at ostrich... If I'm going for an exotic already, why not go all the way and nail them all? So here is the question ...

    As you know, I like fuchsia. So yes, the first round of exotics will be in fuchsia:nuts: I know that porosus and lizard are both on my list, now I'm trying to decide between niloticus and alligator. I'm contemplating a HAC at the moment. In your opinion, do you think niloticus will look better on HAC or would the alligator work better? Also, should it be matte fuchsia or glazed fuchsia?

    Of course, this is not going to happen for at least 5 years, but hey, anything to help distract me from my dry spell...:P
  2. I think it's a personal preference, but if it's me, then it's Glazed all the way baby!
  3. Ok, so Alligator vs. Niloticus. Which looks better on HAC?
  4. nilo.

    why not porosus, Kou?
  5. Porosus is reserved for the Kelly. the Kelly MUST be porosus, I'm saving the best leather for my utmost favorite style:love:

    If possible I would love to get porosus on HAC too, but funds are an issue so it's going to have to be either nilo or alligator. but the Kelly HAS TO BE porosus and glazed!!!! I think Australia has some of the best goodies in the world:nuts:

    Fuchsia glazed porosus sellier Kelly 28cm is my holy grail Kelly bag now, with the baby rose glazed porosus sellier Kelly 28cm with rose gold and pink diamond being a very close second:drool:

  6. :love:

    me too.
  7. GF!!!!!!!!!! am glad to see you back! *heart*
  8. thanks...I received an abundance of loving PM's from the girls here...I was tearing up over it, and decided I won't let a little glitch stop me from *seeing* my friends.....

    you girls really are very sweet.
  9. Wah! I want (and need) to visit Australia~~~ It's been TEN YEARS since I last went there! The kangaroos and koala bears are sooooo cute.
  10. ^but smelly.....
  11. Kristie, you ROCKED!! I always love reading your posts!!!
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: But still cute though. I love cute fuzzy animals.
  13. K, glazed for me too! the matted somehow looks casual to me, IMO. since you paid that much money anyway for a croc, why not look luxurious, right?
  14. Glazed Niloticus or Lizard for me but not in HAC because I prefer the longer handles ;)
  15. GF - I don't post much but I am really glad that you decided to come back :yes: :flowers: