1. hi!

    i was wondering if they still have this bracelet that 'mattd7474'

    because...i remember i saw it...from here...but...i've never ever seen it in

    the le catalogue...or the internet catalogue...etc...

    can anyone help me?

    and how much does this bracelet cost?

    thank you!!!


    :tup: lol.jpg
  2. Hi, it's called the Theda Strength Bracelet and I'm pretty sure they've been discontinued, there is a White Multicolore one on eBay at the moment for $475 USD and the date code shows it was made in 2004, so it must have been around at that time but I don't know if they were limited or they just got discontinued...
  3. ...



    thank you...
  4. i have seen them in the antwerp store in belgium a couple of months ago
  5. THIS IS FUNNY HAHAHAHAHAH! Not TOO long ago I saw that they still had them available. When I bought mine I paid $290.00 each, and I have all 3. Now I am CERTAIN they have gone up. But if you call or find one, make sure you STRESS that it is the thicker one, they also made a thinner version and it doesn't have the LV's on it, just the fleurs.
  6. It is a lovely Item
  7. :tup:LOL thank you mattd7474! and others~lol
  8. I love the Theda Bracelets. Here is mine.
  9. yes, it was discontinued years ago