Matt & Nat Sale!

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  1. I love Matt & Nat! Thanks for posting.
  2. thanks for posting :smile: i don't have any bags from Matt & Nat and I want to get one.. anyone have an opinion on which sale bag is cutest? i like shoulder bags :smile:
  3. p.s. if you sign up I think they send you a free shipping code....I can't remember though.
  4. ^^cute, thanks!! i did sign up for cusp and i think i got a code.. i have to go through my massive inbox!! :smile:
  5. What's the leather and quality like on Matt & Nat bags? This is one that I really like....
  6. The quality is really good - I think the bags are really well made. I don't really know how to describe the leather. It's not like soft and smooshy - it's kinda got a glazed finish. It reminds more of coated canvas than leather.

    I LOVE the pink. The color is really pretty and rich.

    Here's some pictures of my wallet:

    Without flash:

    With flash:

  7. Loving the pictures!! I was about to buy the bag from StefaniBags that I posted above, however the code didn't work, so I changed my mind! Now I'm off to see what greater deals I can find on this brand. Should I find anything great, I'll let you know. (Good grief....somebody please remind me that I'm supposed to be on a ban!)
  8. I'm pretty sure everything in the Matt & Nat line is vegan.
  9. I always wanted one of their bags.. they call the bags material japanese paper.. is it leather indeed?
  10. I think i just figured it out looking their website.. Japanese paper is their collection name??
  11. You're right. Everything from their line is vegan, nothing in made of leather.

  12. Thank you!
    I just ordered the GrandMaster bag at CUSP
    for 94.5 US! Opposed to 135 on the website. It was only 120CDN on the Canadian website for other colours but the one in black wasn't available so THANK YOU.

    Also tempted to get

    for 135 CDN...

    Great deals considering I rarely see this on sale here.