Matt & Nat Jorja Fox

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  1. I :heart: some of Matt & Nat's bags and have been really debating over getting the jorja fox...does anyone have this bag and have some pictures?

    what do you girls think?

    Jorja Fox:

    or maybe the Bond Street?:
  2. I ordered the Bond Street bag from Luna Boston and although I loved the color (red), size and shape (it is a really well-structured bag) I still ended up returning it. In case you haven't seen it IRL, the two zippers on top open to the same compartment- the picture sort of makes it look like the "innards" will be divded into two separate compartments. The part that folds down is just a big piece of leather w/ the Matt & Nat logo/label that sort of blocks full access to the bag; you end up snaking your way inside at a slant. Wasn't the easiest bag to access (for me, at least) so it had to go.
    Either way, I still have a good feeling for Matt&Nat bags and might give them another go. Good luck with your choice!
  3. thanks pl888!
    that's really weird about the compartments on the bond street would be such a perfect work bag but i think that would drive me crazy

    i think that i'm going to get the jorja fox. i just wish someone had some pictures so i could see how it looks carried