Matt Lauer Interviews Princes William and Harry on Dateline NBC (Monday, 10 p.m.)

  1. In their first-ever American television interview, Prince William and Prince Harry of Wales joined NBC News' Matt Lauer for an exclusive interview airing Monday, June 18 on "Today" (7-10 AM ET) and "Dateline NBC" (10-11 PM ET). Lauer talked with the two Princes last month at their London residence, Clarence House, in this wide-ranging interview.
    This August marks the tenth anniversary of the tragic death of their mother, Princess Diana. In her honor Prince William and Prince Harry have organized a concert to be held in London on her July 1st birthday. The Princes talked with Lauer about why they decided to honor their mother in this fashion, how they will memorialize her on this anniversary, and the paths their lives have taken since her untimely death.
    Among the topics discussed with the Princes are their thoughts on trying to lead a normal life-- what they remember of their mother and her challenge to do so, their feelings about the public's fascination with them, and how this affects all aspects of their personal lives.
    Additionally, the Princes discuss their opinions of America, the fact that they have an image here, what they would do if they were not royalty, and what their childhood nicknames were.

    The feature continues, but it's too much to post. Plus,I don't want to ruin it. You can read the rest here:
  2. Looking forward to this.
  3. (Happy 25th birthday, Prince William!)

    We were living in England in 1981, and my mom bought the Commemorative Souvenirs: the Charles and Diana photo album (the cover shows Charles in his military uniform and Diana in a blue dress)and a silver spoon engraved with Prince William's birth date. I have the spoon now.
  4. I got teary when the interview covered Diana's death. And I lost it when it showed a clip of someone waiting outside Buckingham Palace to pay her respects and she was crying. She was saying how she saw pictures of Diana the week before and she remembered how happy she was. Then she said, "Those poor boys!"
  5. I watched this. Even though they are royalty they just seem like any other boy you know. Prince Harry sure turned out hot!
  6. Firstofall,thestoryaboutDianacallingWilliam'Wombat'wassocute.

    I loved William and Harry's answer to Matt Lauer's question of what nicknames they have for each other: "Some of them we can't say because they're a bit rude."
  7. I thought they were the most adorable, natural, unaffected young men. I was very impressed with both of them.
  8. My damned spacebar doesn't work. The first sentence should have been:

    "First of all, the story about Diana calling William 'Wombat' was so cute."
  9. I came back from the UK recently and the word or vibe there is that Harry isnt Charles son. I had a look at the interview and have to admit, he looks a bit like that guy Diana was seeing while she was married to Charles.
    Or maybe its all in my head :p
  10. i saw this it was good...can't wait to see the concert