Matita or Ferro?

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  1. I'm in a quandary and thought I would turn to my fellow bv friends for help.

    I was looking for something easier to travel with than my ferro sloane and purchased a matita veneta. I thought the color would be a bit darker but they are actually quite similar- the ferro seems to have a bit more depth and the matita is more of a flat gray. Since they are so close I thought I would sell one but can not decide between the two. Any thoughts? :shrugs:
  2. Since the colors are similar, I would advise you to keep the style that you like more - Sloane or Veneta ???
  3. I agree with Juda, keep the style you like the most.
  4. It sounds like you were not 100% happy with the Ferro Sloane (you wanted something "easier to travel with") - was it a style or a colour issue or something else? If the Matita Veneta works better and addresses or improves whatever the issue was with the Ferro Sloane, then I say keep the Veneta and sell the Sloane. If not, then maybe don't keep either and keep looking for whatever it is you really need? I wouldn't keep both if neither addresses your needs.
  5. Should keep the bag you love....and the choice is????
  6. I agree with the previous responses -- since the colors are similar, keep the style that most suits you. They're both gorgeous bags. Good luck with your decision! :smile:
  7. Thank you all for your thoughts, I love both styles. I usualy try to bring a neutral color when I travel other than black. I just found with the sloane it takes more room in my tote (can not have the BV touch the ground in the plane...) The veneta fits in the bag with extra room. If the colors had more variation it would be easy but being so close it doesn't make sense to keep both. Thanks again
  8. ^ I say go with the Matita Veneta, then - it sounds like it will work better for you where and when you intend to use it.
  9. Seems like it's time for eeny, meeny, miny, moe
  10. Is having 2 gray bags really any different than a lot of us who have more than one black bag???? Is gray your Black? Maybe it's worth keeping both and use the Veneta more for travel convenience and sharing the glory between the 2 the rest of the time. :graucho: Now if one is going to sit and never be used then you should definitely make a decision between the two. :smile:
  11. If you can only have one and want one that is easy to travel with, I'd go with the Veneta.
  12. very wise bichon lover. it's true no one thinks twice about having more than one black bag. they are two great stlyes- one could be for travel and the other for day to day.
  13. mibolsa, you do the same thing I do--put your purse inside a tote when you travel. I have a waterproof zippered tote that holds a large Veneta when I travel. A tote with a square-ish bottom would hold a Sloane or New Pyramid, but otherwise a narrower bag works better.

    If you can't keep both, I'd keep the Veneta, but I'm a huge fan of that style.
  14. I would try to keep both bags, but I must agree that Veneta is a better bag for travel than a Sloane.

    Having said that, I love my Ferro Sloane. Sorry not much help here.
  15. If fitting the bag into the 'protective' tote is the only issue and if you love the ferro more (i'm personally partial towards ferro- love the subtle shimmer of the leather), how about getting a bigger tote to carry the sloane in? Just my 2 cents worth :P