Matinee or MAM pleeeeease help!

  1. Hi,

    I have a great opportunity to purchase a matinee or mini. Unfortunately, both are in the same exact color combo, so I need to choose. The combo is black and pewter. Can any of you Rebecca experts provide some feedback - I've not seen either in person so I can really use some great advice. It's my first Rebecca bag, so I want to start off this new addiction on the right note!!

    Thank you for your help.
  2. I really like the way these colors look on the matinee....the MA is nice but I like the other better hth
  3. ^I completely agree. I really love the look of the midnight/pewter matinee but on the MA I think it's just OK. So, I vote for the matinee.
  4. I personally love the Midnight/Pewter on the Matinee and I ordered one last week. I feel like it goes better with the shape. Plus you can always flip the flaps and change it around for a different color combo =)
  5. I love the matinee and that color combo is on my wishlist right now, so I'd go for it!
  6. Thank you all for such great feedback. It sounds pretty unanimous as far as the matinee looking better than the MAM in the black with pewter. You guys are awesome.

    My other matinee options are espresso/green which I also love. This is my first bag, though, so I'm thinking the black is more practical...but...on the other hand, the espresso is basic, too and lovely.

    Any other thoughts??

    I have also found a MAB for a great price. For those of you who have that bag, is it super big/heavy? Do you use it everyday, or is it too large to tote around?

    Thanks again.

    I may have to break down and buy 2 :sad:
  7. Would you mind sharing where you are finding these deals?

    I totally agree with you on the espresso. Its my dream bag! maybe I will save up for it and buy it later. =)

  8. You, my friend, are on a serious buying bonanza! I LOVE IT! Another hardcore RM'er!

    In this scenario that you have presented, I would definitely go with the Matinee. Like others have said, you can pull the flaps down for a more subdued look, or go glamo-rama with the gorgeous pewter, and it looks gorgeous both way.