Matinee in Onyx/Charcoal

  1. :drool: That is just, beautiful!!!!

    I feel my wallet slowly emptying as I type this. I don't need food right? :p
  2. :nuts:!!!!! resist!!
  3. Contessa missed this one,when she was tempting me with other colored matinees!!! HEHEE!!!

    This is gorgeous!!!! I have to have it!! Oh,why did I come on this forum today!!!

  4. OMG i must have it!!!:drool:
  5. Wow... this is one gorgeous bag! :drool: :nuts::drool: :nuts:
  6. What a gorgeous bag!
  7. I have been pondering all day which Matinee to get after seeing it last night and deciding I do in fact love the shape so thank you mockinglee I think you just made my decision for me.
  8. This one is perfection, isn't it????!!!!!!

    I see a frenzy happening over this one....absolutely stunning.
  9. Oh man.... this puts my black w/ blue suede to shame. Hmm two black bags anyone? :smile:
  10. A girl can never have too many black bags!
  11. Is the onyx/charcoal flaps blue silver tinted? Is it the fuzzy lining? I know I have the black/pewter one with leather flaps. What's the diff between onyx and midnight leather I wonder? They both look like glazed to me.
  12. Fuzzy lining??? What do you mean??
  13. By the way, I think this bag is GORGEOUS! The colors remind me of a starry night sky; silvery stars against a black velvety night; a celestial beauty, indeed!