Matinee in Glazed Espresso arrived and it SMELLS!

  1. I used my tax return to buy a RM Matinee in Glazed Espresso from Ylli Brooklyn. I got it on sale for $375, and they do not allow returns because it was a sale item.

    It arrived today and the bag is lovely, but it smells awful, sort of fishy. :yucky: Has anyone else experienced this? Is this something that has to do with the dye or the glazed process? Will it maybe go away?

    I am on the verge of tears, that is the most money I have ever spent on a bag in my life and I can't return it. :crybaby:
  2. Is it the leather that smells or the bag itself? It sounds like maybe the store had some weird smell and it infected the bag. Try putting dryer sheets in it and and just airing it out for a few days. Don't panic just yet!!

    You should contact the store about it because it sounds a little fishy. They should really do a return if you are this upset about it. Explain the situation to them and talk to a manager.

    If really can't deal with it, I suggest selling it or something. There are plenty of people who are dying for that color! :angel:
  3. eww.....can you stick a fabric softener sheet inside maybe?
  4. YES. This happened to me recently, not with a Minkoff bag, but with a glazed Anna Corinna bag in a similar color (bronze). I have no idea what causes it but I strongly suspected it was something with the glaze and returned it immediately.

    I really think that even though it was final sale, they should take your return for this reason, because this bag is really not in saleable condition. I would call them up and tell them about the bad smell and see what they say.
  5. Update: I contacted Rebecca Minkoff customer service about the smell and this is the response I received:

    "Hi there, Rebecca herself told me this smell will fade. Give it a bit more time and let me know. Ok?

  6. I think the smell has to do with the Glazing process! Give it some time, I'm sure it'll go away!
  7. I thought I was the only one! I got a glazed almond matinee charged shipped from Nordstrom. The fish smell upon opening the box was overwhelming! The entire room smelled. I was horrified! I hadn't read of anyone else experiencing this with RM bags, so I thought my situation was unique.

    Anyway - what I did was put the bag back in the box with a dish of baking soda also in the box. I changed out the baking soda every few days. Then I did the same thing with the box open. After a week or so, the smell had almost disappeared.

    I wonder if it's the glazing? But I've not heard anyone else with a glazed bag mention the smell. I was disappointed that it didn't have that "leather" smell.

    My midnight matinee doesn't have that "new car" smell either, but it's smell is not unpleasant.
    I think that given time yours will not smell fishy, but I doubt that it will ever smell leathery. I wonder if Fresh Wave crystals would work any better. They're pretty good at taking odors out of the air.

    Of course, even with a final sale, if the product is defective, returns should be allowed. I'd try that first. Good luck and let us know what you decide.
  8. Yikes!

    The sheer thought of a bag smelling like fish repulses me to no end. I could never get that bag for my Mom.....she's allergic to fish and the smell makes her sick.

    I could say more....but I better not.
  9. I've read several posts here at tPF over the months about smelly bags and people seem to have had good results by shutting up their bag in a box with some dryer sheets for a while. Also, you can try a scent neutralizing (not perfumy) solid air freshener. Give it a try and it may resolve the problem. If that doesn't work, talking to the seller is an option if the bag is simply unacceptable. But don't lose heart. I bet it's not permanent and can be easily fixed.
  10. One of my Koobas with glazed leather smelled just like you describe. I think this is the result of the processing on some of the leathers, as my other exact same bag with a different kind of hide doesnt smell at all. It has gotten better, I havent used it yet. If I set it out in the open for a few days the smells goes away, if I put it in the dustbag, the smell intensifies a little. It HAS improved though, I think with normal wear will be fine over time, but will most likely always keep the smell somewhat..

    I will say that if the smell really bothers you, then i would exchange it for a different kind of leather finish/color, or get your $$ back. Even on sale price, its alot of money to walk around smelling like a fishmarket.
  11. My stonewashed matinees smell leathery and divine...I have a glazed expresso and it also smells though i am not as repulsed by the smell.... I do wish it would also smell as divine but I'm glad it will fade as I think the color is gorgeous!
  12. I haven't specifically had experience with RM bags, but I have gotten skinky bags before. I've found that spraying the lining with Febreze and using a dryer sheet for a few days really helps. Also, some people have had success with putting charcoal in an item and then placing that in a bag for a few days to absorb any odors. Good luck.
  13. Assuming it's new, I think it should fade using the tips others have provided here. If it's not new, I would insist on sending it back.
  14. the store should be able to help you. they sold you a defective product. don't panic...
  15. Has the smell gone away a little? Keep us posted on how it goes.