Matinee Help!

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  1. I'm thinking about getting a Matinee... But, I really like the leather pulls/tassles on the bags. Which colors of the Matinee have them that are still available? TIA!
  2. Any of the matinees that are from Fall2007 and before have the tassels. that is a really long list!

    The bags that DO not have them are the spring bags... cream/white patent, the new violet/lilac/ and of the gold crackle, ruby... you'll be able to tell as soon as you see one. If you don't see the tassels, then its a spring bag!
  3. okay, thanks. any suggestions on colors? or, good prices out there?? THANKS!
  4. right now bloomies and NM are having great sales. 25% off at bloomies, and $200 off each bag at NM.

    Ebay has some good bags pop in time to time that are with the tassels, and and have coupon codes as well!

    Color wise I recommend the wine matinee, but you can only preorder it on the RM site for full price, which has the tassels.

    Eggplant, Saddle, Glazed Expresso, Elephant, are great neutral colors in the older matinee styles, however I am a fan of the new colors out this season (violet and cream/white patent in particular) as well as upcoming fall color Jade.
  5. Thank you!!! Does anyone in the NYC area know what Bloomies has for Matinees?
  6. I also love the midnight/pewter matinee... seems very popular on this board.
  7. I was at Short Hills today and the computer system said willowbrook (NJ)
    Huntington(NY) had 1 or 2 but the SA said she was doubtful there were any left bc that number was from 24 hours ago
  8. I just got one today-i can give you the sku # and you can call them in the morning and they can look it up that way