matinee for $400 or MAM for $550...what to do?

  1. I neeeeeed a wine RM bag lol...looks like these are my 2 options. Im hesitant about the Matinee but the price is good..but if I get the MAM I have the option to return it if I dont like it etc

    What's a girl to do?
  2. Where's the MAM from???
  3. well it was at funkylala...but I have no will power...sigh
  4. Meaning what exactly???
  5. I ordered it...even though I was trying to wait for a code
  6. Seems like wine is quite popular, so trying to find a code might be tough. I hope you love the bag when you get it!
  7. Now Im confused! I thought funkylala was sold out of the wine MAM!? Someone enlighten GUNG here, please!
  8. Well, im just thoroughly irritated with what I have seen and heard going on with that auction. Regardless of the circumstances when she bought the bag, im a little bemused by the fact that not only has the BIN/price on the bag come and gone and changed, but apparently the shipping amount was modified as well? All that doesn't really sit that well with me, KWIM? Too much change going on in the auction for me to feel comfortable at all with it.
  9. Toss in a ZERO feedback/new bidder and you've got the making of a "B-Auction"!!!
  10. yeah, the auction just seems sketchy all around

    Funkylala had sold out of the MA in berry (not the MAM in wine)
  11. ^Really! So did you buy the last one, or are they still in stock as of now??
  12. All gone now, GUNG! Sukey got the last one.
  13. I believe they were out of stock as of yesterday.
  14. I got the last one as far as I know...I was waiting for the funkylala code but they said it wouldnt apply to the MAs so I went ahead and ordered.